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Shape Adventures 2 (Soon)

2014-02-08 19:32:44 by CrazyRock

After a few months, I finally slapped some pieces of art into 1 imaga so I can make this post.


First of all, play the first Shape Adventures (Made in 48 hours for a GameJam) here:




Now let's get to the real deal!

Shape Adventures 2: The One In Space

is going to be bigger & better even though the original programmer isn't coding it.


We aim to release it by the end of March. Hopefully sooner.

It will feature 2 styles of gameplay;

- Platformer (obviously) -

Shoot em up (oh boy!)


The platformer part of the engine is done while the shooting part is still in the progress of making, so yeah, that is why it will take some time.

But come on, we have a bigger team.




and yours truly.


Here's the image I made to prove I am not lying like I usually am.

(by the way, we are looking for a sponsor so if you have any tips or would like to sponsor it, PM me)3346873_139190596331_88041ffccbcf5f9af2ead5ae392b4a21.pnghttp://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/88041ffccbcf5f9af2ead5ae392b4a21


I am also making other games, 2(3) of them to be precise which should arrive sooner.


You can follow me on Twitter right here:




See ya around guys!


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