Entry #190

Dev. Log #2

2014-08-02 19:53:52 by CrazyRock

Did more graphics. That's really all I am doing.
Designed some weapon/enemy stats too, still gotta work on that.
If it continues at this rate, it should be released in September which is great news! We will probably put it on Greenlight sooner, maybe not, still not decided.
Also we are talking about a possible name change. Maybe "Indie Quest" or something, any ideas on that?
Ah, and I have gotten to see the engine (with placeholder graphics of course) and it is working amazingly, I'll post a screen cap of it below. Now onto some teaser teasing:

Map made exclusively to test the tiles, looks great in my opinion. Shoot some criticism and feedback!

The engine. As you can see the enemies (red) can't see you if you're behind a wall and this won't follow you. On the other hand, as soon as you enter their "zone" (Walls must not be in the way) they will start chasing after you!

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See ya!


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2014-08-03 12:45:26

I think the engine looks great Kappa