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New Game!

2013-07-01 18:08:34 by CrazyRock

Shape Adventures will be coming soon on the portal!

Keep in mind it's a game for THE GAME JAM (we started late, so it's made in 3/4 days.)!

BUT, that doesn't mean it's bad, here's the team;

Team PoopJokesAreFunny;

Programmer/Musician/Co-Writer - MikeyS9607
Artist/Co-Writer - CrazyRock
Voice Actor - ForNoReason
Co-Writer - Amaranthus

It's bout shapes, really. And hot shape chicks. Also a bit of controlling the character. Mostly 'bout the hot shape chicks.

New Game!


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2013-07-01 18:50:32

Looking forward to it!

CrazyRock responds:

Good, good, my plan is working perfectly.


2013-07-02 10:04:27

Im on the team?!

CrazyRock responds:

You are on the skype chat, right?

I gave you the lines, right?

Right. So, yes.


2013-07-02 10:27:29

depends, fornoreason
some other person has said that you're in their team
but you're in our team
so idk
if you have enough time or so on then i guess so