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News, news, news!

2013-07-30 21:26:58 by CrazyRock

First off, this has been a tough month and I have a couple of things I did, and plan on doing which I'd like to share with you.

Let's see;

About a month ago I (and other people) made a game for the GameJam9 (still waiting for the results, Tom&Austin.) called Shape Adventures (click here to play it) which just got FRONTPAGED! That was a crazy day especially, I freaked out, started yelling as fucking loud as I could which only ended up in me waking up the neighbors. Lame. Then Mikey did the same thing, it was hilarious.
After the frontpage and a couple of bad ( :( ) reviews. We decided to fix some bugs and add some options, resulting in an update we just uploaded, weee, now go play it!

Besides Shape Adventures I am now working on 3 projects; 2 movies, 1 (ehhh not so much) game.

One movie is a spin-off of Vincenzo Natali's movie "Nothing" that is probably going to be split into a mini series.
The game I mentioned is just an experimental thing, not much of a game. Just randon RPG style battles and stuff, might not even upload, who knows.

And now, the second movie is HUGE. I wrote a long-as-fuck script for it. It is, maybe, going to even be a kickstarter thing since the team behind it consists of 7/8 people including myself. It's a comedy with zombies, best way to describe it would be this; " It's like Shaun Of The Dead but a lot worse. " . Well, it's not that bad, the voice actors laughed when they read the script so I think I got a good one there. The movie's runtime will be well above 10 minutes, maybe even 30 minutes. Depending on how the final lines look together and stuff.

Since it's that long we were discussing the whole kickstarter thing and it might even happen.
Also, I am planning to put it up on IMDb and nag Tom to sell it as a DVD in the shop if it does well.

Also, my PC got fixed after painfull 7 months and 28 days. I can finally play video games now, sweet sweet life.

See ya around.

Oh right, more pixely art is coming soon too.

See ya around. Again.

News, news, news!


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