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Kickstarter/IndieGoGo soon

2013-10-02 21:07:46 by CrazyRock

Get ready, it is coming. A really long animation by a team of 7 (or so, heh) is going on Kickstarter by the end of the month. What could it be?

Well, I can say the team is really promising;


and a few others that are top secret.

It's about zombies, and references, and zombies. Be excited.

Also, here's a random image from my wallpaper folder;

Kickstarter/IndieGoGo soon


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2013-10-03 00:18:31

Sounds mysterious.

CrazyRock responds:

I tried.


2013-10-03 02:31:17

What will the money go towards?

CrazyRock responds:

Voice acting, art, music.


2013-10-03 07:14:10

How much financing are you shooting for?

CrazyRock responds:

Well, we've been all over the place with that, but not more than 15k and not less than 5k.


2013-10-03 09:32:47

That sounds reasonable. Hope you add some good perks; I'll keep an eye out!

CrazyRock responds:

We've been pumping ideas out for the following;

Digital Download
Personal animations
Animated "thank you" messages

and a couple more, since we're all doing this the first time, would you (as someone outside the team) consider these good? Also shoot some suggestions :)


2013-10-03 10:35:41

Sounds good, especially the animated messages. How about a cheap perk to get your name in the credits? It would be nice being able to donate just a little and get a visible 'Thank You' without it being any added effort for the makers, if that's doable. Also, how about having an option to get a message or image of choice included in a scene, as a sign or photo or something?

CrazyRock responds:

Yeah, we have cameos and in-credit thanks :)

Also executive producer for the last tier.

But the catch about cameos and animated shorts is that if you want a talking cameo you need to donate to a higher tier and if you want a longer animated movie you also need a higher tier.

We tried to keep these mostly digital since not everyone in our team is from USA but in the end we decided on t-shirts and DVDs (which we were gonna talk to Tom about selling them in the NG store but since it's shutting down we'll just distribute them this way.)