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Kickstarter update + news

2013-10-26 20:20:21 by CrazyRock

If anyone cared to read my last news post they would know I mentioned a kickstarter which we planned to make by the end of october... Well, that won't happen. At least not in october.

The thing is, we didn't finish the trailer in time. In fact, we made very little progress on it. I've lost contacts with 1 member of a team because of an argument but luckily he/she let us keep the voices. Anyway, it will hopefully be live by the end of november. That is all.

Now for the news:

A sequel for "Ducks and drugs" is coming soon and it will be titled "Ducks and sales".
Also coming soon are 2 halloween collabs I took part in;
"The Halloween Collab 2013" (hosted on Newgrounds)
"The Halloween Collab" (hosted on SoupSquad)

I am also making a series of a silly idea I shamelessly stole from a movie by the great Vincenzo Natali, that movie is "Nothing". Watch it and you will get the idea of the series. It will be pretty much the plot of it, just it won't be as sweet as the movie.

And now some news for the 1 and a half fan of the game " Shape Adventures ".

Amaranthus and I were throwing around some ideas for a sequel, which we would like to do.
BUT there is a problem, I have lost contacts with Mia (MikeyS9607) after an argument about the kickstarter (which is also mentioned above) so we have no programmer, if we manage to find one we will happily do the game. If you know anyone or you want to help, just shoot me a PM. Thanks.

See ya all soon with more Kickstarter related updates + some posters.


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