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2014-02-26 15:48:26 by CrazyRock

Oh fuck me. It's the last day to buy from the store and the penicorn is 5$ but guess what! 


No money!


help me newgrounds, please


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2014-02-26 16:18:36

not even $5? snag it now, go for a tankman if you can!

CrazyRock responds:

Nothing on my Paypal, only in cash atm


2014-02-26 17:43:16

This is very sad... :c

CrazyRock responds:

crying myself to sleep tonighttt


2014-02-26 21:58:56

Last day is March 5th I think.


2014-03-10 07:27:11

Poor guy, I would have sent you 5$ if I had a PayPal account <-- I'm struggling more than you are :'(
Instead buddy, why not launching a KickStarter :P

CrazyRock responds:

why not yolo :D